Picture Books

Jun Anzu

Jun Anzu is very small, but she feels large inside. One day she decides to take matters into her own hands and not grow physically, but grow so large on the inside that her classmates notice she's finally there. Jun Anzu reminds us that our outer size doesn't matter, but how large we feel on the inside.

e-book: $14.99

Lucy's Umbrella

Lucy has vitiligo. She finds beauty in the patterns on her skin. She also finds beauty in the patterns she notices out in nature. Follow Lucy as she goes on a walk through nature, admiring everything she sees.

e-book: $14.99


Coming June 2017!

There's no such thing as Too much love. Follow friends, couples, families, and a community as they celebrate Love at Central Park.

The Beautiful Bear

Coming November 2017!

Sometimes it hurts on the inside and we don't know why. But, we must always remember, we are never alone and there is always hope.

The Grateful Willow Tree

Coming November 2017!

There is a little kitten who loves a willow tree, but the willow tree always weeps. One day, the little kitten has an idea to help the tree see life in a new way. In the end, the willow tree find joy in the little things.